Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Not Myself 1

Good evening, all day Monday .. today is the day meaningful .. also added at the last day of the auspicious moment of my life .. like films like "Legends of Devil Boy" which screened at the cinema 3 JUN 2010 recently ... like the first meeting on 12 October 2010 is the meeting point eye while a sweet smile etched .. kan initiated with the word "you" while asking how and from where ... and my heart is happy because they are willing to criticize although in a somewhat critical condition .. with sweet smile made me feel so happy and touched my heart feel my heart has had it .. because the service is really good .. very polite conversation, to care for, and tease each probe was this makes the heart want to offer my love to him .. then at least the significant meeting so happy .. eat, blow-lafas tease and mutual love and miss right ... but after returning to their homes, I felt really excited for the day ... but after midnight I received a short message it says that "sorry I feel guilty to you, please forgive me because I have cheated yourself of an honest and sincere .. I'm sorry." This heart is not peaceful because I feel it is not to have my heart .. but he admitted that the he was like, love and longing for me ... but he said that someday we will then live together forever remain a happy and mutually love love ..To Be Continued 

Bila Cinta – Filianti Vlee (OST Lagenda Budak Setan)
Bila cinta kini
Tak lagi bermakna
Yang ku rasa kini
Hanyalah nestapa
Di tinggalkan cinta masa lalu

Dulu kau tawarkan
Manisnya janjimu
Dan ku sambut itu
Dengan segenap hatiku
Bila engkau pergi
Tinggalkan ku

Hilangnya cintamu
Menusuk hatiku
Hingga ku memilih
Cinta yang fana

Perginya dirimu
Merobek jantungku
Hingga ku terjatuh
Dalam harapan

Hilangnya cintamu
Menusuk hatiku
Hingga ku terjatuh
Dalam harapan
Dalam harapan

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